Our Daily Routine

A typical morning at Cygnet Preschool!

Children arrive  – Children find their photograph and place on our Self Registration Wall.  Children put items brought from home that relate to the phonic of the week into the Blue Box for ‘Show and Tell’.  Parents/Carers settle the children at an activity before they leave.

Wake and Shake – The children and staff sing large movement songs, sit in a circle and sing the “Hello” song.  We then reinforce our Golden Rules.

All children and staff go into the playground for some physical activity.

Children play and take part in creative activities that are linked with the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The cafe is run alongside the activities.  Children are encouraged to attend the cafe to get a healthy snack and a drink (milk or water).  Details of the snack are displayed on the board in the foyer weekly.

All children and staff pack away the toys

Singing, Show and Tell and Phonics

Physical play.  Depends largely on the weather.  Sometimes it would be bikes and prams in the outside area, balancing planks or the climbing frame.  If bad weather, a children’s warm up and work out CD or Soft Play Equipment is used.

Story Time/Sharing News

Lunchtime.  Children and Staff sit together to eat lunch


The afternoon session runs similarly to the morning session with the ‘Circle Time’ at the end of the session and we sing the “Goodbye” song.